Tax: Taxes are mandatory contributions levied on individuals or corporations by a government entity—whether local, regional, or national. Tax revenues finance government activities, including public works and services such as roads and schools, or programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Direct Tax

Indirect Tax

Direct Tax is a form of tax being collected from the same person it being levied upon.

Eg: Income Tax

Income Tax is levied and collected from the same person by the Government i.e Income Tac is a tax being levied on the Income Earned by a person and the same person has to deposit the tax on the Income he earned

Indirect Tax is a form of tax not being collected from the same person it being levied upon.


GST is levied on 1 person but collected from another.
Eg: GST is paid by consumer to shop-keeper when he purchases Goods/services and in return the shop-keeper deposits the same GST to Govt.

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Income Tax Consultancy.

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GST Appeals & Litigations.

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Income Tax Return Filings of Salaried and Business Taxpayers.

GST Registrations

GST Registrations for traders, manufactures and service providers

Income Tax appeal

Filing of Income Tax Appeals to Commissioner Income Appeal and ITAT

Income Tax Notices

Reply and Resoultions of various Income Tax Notices issued.

GST Return Filings

GST Return Filing for registered taxpayers under GST.

GST Appeal

Filing of appeals under GST against various orders issued to the assessee.